Moon Sauna | Insulated Thermo-Treated Wood Saunas
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Modular Thermo-Treated wood saunas

Warmth and Well-being!

Lauvas Dizains offers not only design services but also manufactures SAUNAS. Their name is “Moon Sauna,” designed to allow you to relax in the warmth of the sauna while observing the dance of stars and the moon through a large window! Our saunas are crafted from high-quality materials, including thermo-treated wood in the interior, ensuring longevity and withstanding even Iceland’s harsh climate.

The saunas are insulated, providing even heating and long-lasting heat retention, while also preventing heat loss.

Our Little Story.

We wanted to create a sauna that would allow a complete immersion in nature while enjoying the benefits of sauna therapy. The sauna’s window is designed to offer a view of the starry night sky.

The minimalist design of the sauna draws inspiration from the vastness of space, the Northern Lights, and its name “Moon Sauna” from the “Blue Moon.”

Our construction experience goes beyond just sauna building. We are a team of builders and engineers with 25 years of experience, placing a high priority on producing high-quality, sustainable structures.

Termokoksnes sauna

Technical Data

Sauna Dimensions:

  • Length: 4.3m
  • Width: 3m
  • Height: 2.8m
  • Sauna room area: 4m²
  • Terrace area: 2m²
  • Total usable area: 9m²


  • Placement on a Pre-Prepared Surface
  • Additional steps available for extra charge, ensuring convenient access
  • Easy and straightforward “plug & play” installation, requiring no specialist assistance
  • Comfortable seating for up to 6 people
  • Tempered glass doors with a smoky gray tone
  • Elegant tempered glass window
  • Aesthetically pleasing dark gray wood exterior, creating visual harmony with the surroundings
  • Mineral wool insulation for optimal heat retention and energy efficiency
  • Metal roof and concealed rainwater drainage system
  • Heat-retaining thermo-treated wood interior and floor


  • 18,300 euros + VAT

For more detailed technical information or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us